Maintainence Plans

31 Tech offers personal and business maintenance plans for the desktops & laptops.

Regular system maintenance is your best defense against costly downtime, repairs, virus’s & malware. A fully patched computer not only runs smoother and more efficiently, it closes the the doors that attackers use to access your computer.

I have a fully customized plan for all personal and business systems.

My system plan includes:

  • Windows  or Macintosh Updates
    • All High Priority patches
    • Applicable Software and Hardware patches and/or updates
  • Microsoft Office Updates
  • Java Updates
  • Anti-Virus software solution
    • Virus definition updates, if not automatic
    • Program updates, if not automatic
  • Any other updates that affect your computer
  • Hard drive defrag
  • Removal of unnecessary system files
  • System registry cleanup
  • Physical cleaning of dust and internal components